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Anne Wilber *Stopped Smoking After 30 Years!* - Listen to Her Mark Patrick Seminars Review

Audio Transcript:

JOHN: Well, this is John, and I'm on the phone with Anne. Hi, Anne. Can you tell everybody a little bit about yourself and where you're from?

ANNE: Let's see. I live in Maine. I am retired and smoke-free.

JOHN: Okay, Anne. So, how long did you smoke for?

ANNE: On and off. I started in the 70s and I actually stopped for a good 20 years and just had that one cigarette one day and then picked I up. So, on and off. Like I would stop for three years, pick up a few months and pick it up again and just got tired of that, so that’s why I gave this a shot.

JOHN: So, about 30 years. Anne, give us some examples of the things that you tried to help stop smoking.

ANNE: I’ve tried the patches. I’ve tried cold turkey. I have never tried any medication, just wanted to avoid that. So, I guess that’s it. Oh, some little device. You put some nicotine cartilage in this little device and you can inhale on that instead of a cigarette. And I guess that’s about it. On and off.

JOHN: So, Anne, what was the longest you actually stopped for?

ANNE: A good 20 years.

JOHN: 20 years. Wow, terrific. So, Anne, what were your expectations coming to a Mark Patrick seminar?

ANNE: Actually, had no idea. A friend of mine wanted to go and talked me into it. And I thought, “Well, what the heck.” It was the going with someone. It was more than I ever expected. I thought like you kind of not being aware of what’s going on but it’s completely opposite. You’re very aware of what’s going on. So, I’d like to share that because I think people think the opposite.

JOHN: So, what changes have you noticed since the seminar?

ANNE: Okay. So, withdrawal is so minor, so different from the past and all the different attempts. I believe cigarettes are a lot stronger now in the nicotine area and that’s a problem with trying to stop. So, the hankerings withdrawals are totally different this time. I’ve had also being the passive would make just make feel nauseas. I’d have to grab a cigarette. Mark gave us a visual to imagine and you can just put yourself thinking about that and that’s—I had a really gross visual which helps me. And just a nice, positive authority said, you can tell yourself, “I needed that. I am a successful non-smoker.” And as light as it sounds, it really is powerful. It does help [inaudible 0:02:44.9] roles (?). And was told are so rare and so few and so minor that just love it. So impressed and it’s so impressed. In about a week it will be a year. And so, I had my last cigarette and I’m my last cigarette.

JOHN: So, if there’s one statement or a word of advice you would give some thinking about coming to a seminar, what would that be?

ANNE: I have to try all the success. Hi, this is Anne. Thank you, Mark Patrick, for your seminars and [inaudible 0:03:20.2] it worked for me and it worked perfectly with mine. Thank you very much.

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