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Cara Splett *Stopped Smoking After 25 Years* - Listen to Her Mark Patrick Seminars Review

JOHN: This is John, and I'm on the phone with Cara. Cara, can you tell everybody a little bit about yourself and where you're from?

CARA: So, my name is Cara. I'm from the Seattle, Washington area. In the automotive sale and just love the outdoors.

JOHN: So, Cara, how long did you smoke for?

CARA: 25 years.

JOHN: So, Cara, give us a couple of examples of the things you tried to help stop smoking?

CARA: Actually, I never did try to stop smoking. I always thought about it but I just love smoking too much to try to quit.

JOHN: Cara, what were your expectations coming to a Mark Patrick seminar?

CARA: Going in I went to support my best friend and I kind of went behind him with my eyes rolling. Not really believing in hypnosis.

JOHN: So, what changes have you notices since the seminar?

CARA: I quit smoking. The moment I walked out, I quit smoking. I became a non-smoker.

JOHN: That’s pretty definitive.

CARA: Yes.

JOHN: So, Cara, if there’s one statement or word of advice you would give someone thinking coming to a seminar, what would it be?

CARA: Try it. Come in open minded. I did. I really didn’t believe that I would be a non-smoker but I am.

JOHN: Great. Alright. There you go. See how that was pretty painless, Cara?

CARA: Cool. Yes, yes. I forgot about, yes, I did quit, but for five days. But, I left the hospital with my IV bag and made it to the street to smoke a cigarette. I know that’s horrible. We’re laughing.

JOHN: That’s too funny.

CARA: But, yes. I seriously just—and I don’t have any cravings. It’s weird. I never thought I’d be a non-smoker. I’m the only non-smoker in my whole entire family. And yes, nobody can believe it. They’re like yes, no, she’s still not smoking. Are you sure? Like everybody was betting against me and I have a lot of money to collect.

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