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Cathy Ward *Stopped Smoking After 8 Years* - Listen to Her Mark Patrick Seminars Review

JOHN: This is John and I'm on the phone with Cathy. Can you tell everybody a little bit about yourself and where you're from?

CATHY: Yes, John. I'm from Western North Carolina. I have a Masters degree. I have a degree in Law and I've travelled all over the United States to teach (?) contract law. But I smoked.

JOHN: Alright. Great. So, how long did you smoke for?

CATHY: Well, I've quit off and on for years. Totally in my life, and I'm 56, probably eight years maybe. Maybe nine.

JOHN: So, give us a couple of examples of the things you tried to help stop smoking?

CATHY: Well, I tried cold turkey. And I almost killed somebody in the theather because I was so you go to the theather and you can't smoke in a theather, that'd be a good place to go. And this child was being obnoxious behind me and I, not into abuse at all, but I want to slap that child. And walked out and smoked. I went through negative association with smoking where you go in and they put you in a small room and you don't smoke for 24 hours and they put you in this room and they give you 12 cigarettes but every breath you take, you have to take with a cigarette. They were unfiltered cigarettes and most people threw up. It was just really disgusting. You were covered with ashes and cigarettes. I quit for four years after that. I've also tried Chantix. I've never tried vaping but I did try patches, lozanges, gum. And I tried hypnotism before and it worked for 18 years.

JOHN: What was the longest you stopped for?

CATHY: 18 years.

JOHN: There you go.

CATHY: And that was after being hypnotized. Which is why I came back. Because I know it works.

JOHN: So, what were your expectations coming to a Mark Patrick seminar?

CATHY: I had good expectations. Very good expectations. I've had, although it wasn't Mark Patrick, I've had such great luck with hypnotism before. I felt very confident that it would work. Even though the first time I was hypnotized it was probably like 400 people in a classroom. Couldn't even see the instructor. But, I walked out and never wanted another cigarette for 18 years. And I didn't want then, but it only takes one and you're back. So, I realized that and I found Mark Patrick seminars and drove three and a half hours to take the class or the seminar. Because I know that hypnotism does work. It worked for me before, it has worked for me just now.

JOHN: What changes have you noticed since the seminar?

CATHY: Well, I was very committed to it. I'm not smoking. That's a big change. And just my outlook on life. I mean, I have a very positive outlook. I feel in control of my life again. And I really appreciate that.

JOHN: Is there one statement or a word of advice you would give someone thinking about coming to a seminar? What would it be?

CATHY: One statement? Don't be afraid. There is nothing about this—I mean, people see hypnotism on TV and things like that and this seminar has nothing to do with that. It's not for entertainment, it's for results. So, expect—do exactly what they say, listen to what they say when you’re before the hypnotism as well as during the hypnotism. And when they do hypnotize you, be comfortable. If you need to lay down on the floor or everything you need to do to be comfortable, do that. When they ask you to visualize or something, visualize it in as much color, as much, as vividly as you possibly can visualize it. It will work. It worked before, it’s working now.

JOHN: Very good.

CATHY: I couldn’t be happier.

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