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Chuck Bennet *Stopped Smoking After 30 Years!* - Listen to His Mark Patrick Seminars Review

JOHN: This is John and I'm on the phone with Chuck. Hey, Chuck, can you tell everybody a little bit about yourself and where you're from?

CHUCK: My name's Chuck. I'm 55-year-old male from Fairmont, West Virginia. Semi-retired, enjoying life as best I can fulfill it.

JOHN: So, Chuck, how long did you smoke for?

CHUCK: I probably smoked for 30+ years.

JOHN: Great. So, Chuck, give us a couple of examples of the things you tried to help stop smoking

CHUCK: Well, I tried the patches and I tried Chantix. I actually quit one time for three years and went through a big divorce and went right back into smoking. Probably the worst thing I ever done in my life. So glad that I quit.

JOHN: So, Chuck, what was the longest you ever stopped for?

CHUCK: Probably around three years.

JOHN: So, Chuck, what were your expectations coming to a Mark Patrick seminar?

CHUCK: I had a 100% I was going to quit no matter what. He was a great person to get me started. It’s been a great experience for me.

JOHN: So, what changes have you noticed since the seminar?

CHUCK: Oh, my. I’ve seen so many changes. I can actually sleep. I can actually lay down. Before I couldn’t do that. I can walk further now. I can exercise, I can work better. I mean, it’s a tremendous feeling after four months. It’s incredible. I can’t even imagine smoking anymore.

JOHN: Chuck, if there’s one statement or a word of advice you would give someone thinking about coming to a seminar, what would it be?

CHUCK: You have to want to quit smoking. That’s just the bottom line. Mark’s a big help but you have to want inside yourself to want to quit smoking. It’s not going to happen overnight. You have to want it yourself. That’s my biggest statement. I want to thank -Mark Patrick for everything he’s done for me. It’s just been a great experience. I want to go through his weight loss program next, next time he’s in town. I think that would be a great opportunity for me to get that done. He’s a great person. He’s done great work. He should be on a pedestal as far as I’m concerned for what he’s done for me. He’s given me a new life.

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